"The Sea the Boat and Me" is the result of a chance meeting of one of my grandfathers shipmates who introduced himself as “my name is Pa Aherne, I sailed with your grandfather 70 years ago”. This introduction made such an impact on me that I decided that I had to know more about this man, his stories of the sea, the old port of Youghal and the boat he had sailed on The Kathleen & May.

The film covers the restoration and relaunch of the Kathleen & May, the only remaining three masted wooden topsail schooner, and her “second” maiden voyage to Youghal, Ireland. It is the story of the passion the boat evokes in the people who have worked on her - as original sailing crew or modern day restoration crew.
Finally it is also a personal journey into the past, and an exploration of a way of life now long gone, which this unique boat represents.